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With just under 250,000 inhabitants, Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. Only Lisbon, the country’s capital city, has more inhabitants. Porto is located in the northwest of the country and is a port. Tourists visit Porto not only for its numerous sights and attractions but also for port wine tasting parties: a must-do activity during your city trip to Porto. Port wine is made of the grapes from the Duoro Valley close to Porto. This strong, sweet, fortified wine is intrinsically connected with the city of Porto and famous all over the world.

Purchase the Porto Card to make your stay in Porto relaxed and above all hassle-free. With the Porto Card in your pocket, you can use public transport in the city for free. What’s more, a large number of museums and places of interest are also free! This means you need not buy single tickets for attractions. Fast track entry ensures that you will never have to join the waiting line. This is a big bonus during your city tip to Porto. Read on to see what else is included in the Porto Card.

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City trip with the Porto Card

The Porto Card is a sightseeing pass that has only advantages! When you are on a city trip to Porto, you want to see as much as possible of this charming city. What is more annoying than having to wait in line for popular attractions and pay for each trip by public transport however short it may be. Purchase the Porto Card and enjoy a hassle-free city trip. The Porto Card includes free and unlimited public transport in the city, free entrance to 11 sights and museums and numerous discounts on tours, in restaurants and shops.

How to use the Porto Card?

Purchase your Porto card online. You will receive a voucher by e-mail, which you exchange for a physical pass in Porto. This pass allows you to use public transport and offers more than 170 benefits and discounts. Dates of validity are marked on the back of the card. Purchase a card valid for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days. Note: be sure to check in every time when you travel on public transport.

Porto Card without public transport

If walking is your passion, purchase a Porto Card without public transport. Free entry to museums and other attractions is included in this card. Buy it online and collect your physical pass in Porto.

Purchase the City Pass:

Benefits of the Porto Card

Valid at Casa Do Infante-Museum, Museum Romantico, Real Companhia Velha and Casa Museum Marta Ortigao.

The Porto card has only advantages! Not only does this card make your city trip to Porto hassle-free, you also save time and money! The most important benefits of this card are listed below.

Public Transport

The Porto Card allows you free public transport (metro, bus, train). Transport from the airport to the city centre is free for Porto Card holders as is the train ride to the beach. The Porto metro has 6 lines and many interconnections. This means that you get to the sights and attractions with a minimum of hassle and loss of time. Note: you always have to check in when switching transport or each time you enter the bus, metro or train. You can buy a Porto Card without free public transport, this is not recommended as some sights and attractions are not within walking distance of each other.

Musea and Monuments

The Porto Card not only allows you to use public transport for free, it also permits you free entry to a large number of museums, monuments and other attractions in Porto. This is an easy way to learn more about Porto, its history and culture. Your card allows you free entry not only to the Casa Do Infante Museum, the Romantico Museum, Casa da Musica and the Do Papel-Moeda Museum but to many more.

Porto Guidebook

A free Porto guidebook is included in your card and handed to you when you exchange the voucher for the physical card. This booklet gives information about museums, monuments and attractions and their addresses. Included is also a city map which makes it easy to see how to get from one museum or attraction to the other.


The Porto Card permits you free entry to various museums and attractions. What’s more, this Porto Card also allows generous discounts (up to 50%) at various places of interest in Porto. The free city guide (included in your Porto Card) shows where you get discounts and how much discount you will get.

Highlights of Porto

The centre of Porto is rich in history and culture! You will find here many museums which you can visit for free with the Porto Card. Casa Do Infante Museum, Casa-Museu Guerra Junqueiro, Gabinete Numismática, Casa da Musica and Museu Romântico are highlights you must have visited! Wander through Porto and admire the beautiful buildings. Porto is also an amazing city for fun shopping, stores are scattered all over the centre.

After you have seen the historical sights, it is time to visit a wine cellar and taste real port wine! Port wine is an important export article. Be sure to go for a port tasting tour at Real Companhia Velha, included in your Porto Card. You can’t leave Porto without tasting this semi-sweet ruby, white, or tawny wine!

Things to see and do in Porto:

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