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Vienna City Card

Take a city trip to Vienna, Austria’s capital city located in the heart of Europe. Vienna is a cutural and historical city. It is the city of Schubert and Johann Strauss, the city of music and Viennese waltzes. Purchase the Vienna City Card to enjoy a hassle-free city trip! This card allows you unlimited use of public transport as well as generous discounts on various attractions in Vienna. Be sure to include sights and attractions such as the Albertina Museum, the Ferris wheel, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Augustinian Church, Schloss (Palace) Schönbrunn, Mollard-Clary Palace and Tiergarten Schönbrunn, the oldest zoo in the world.

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Citytrip with the Vienna City Card

Purchase the Vienna City Card and enjoy your city trip to Vienna to the full. This City Card allows you free public transport in Vienna which is most convenient as several sights and attractions are far apart. With this card in your pocket, you get to all sights and attractions without walking long distances. What’s more, this card allows you discounts on various attractions and museums. This card is your ticket to a hassle-free city trip to Vienna!

How does the Vienna City Card work?

Purchase your city card online before going on your city trip to Vienna. There are two types of Vienna City Cards: white card and red card. The red card allows you free transport on public transport in Vienna; tram, metro and buses. The white card allows you to use the hop-on hop-off bus which tours the city centre and leads past the most important sights and attractions. The Vienna City Card (red and white) is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours. Print the voucher and collect your card at various places in Vienna.

Purchase City Pass:

Advantages of the Vienna City Card

Valid at Schönbrunn Palace and Zoo, the Ferris Wheel, Hofburg Palace, Madame Tussauds and the Albertina Museum.

The Vienna City Card has many advantages! Free public transport is one of them. This is very convenient as you need not buy separate tickets. What’s more, trams, buses and metro are fast and frequent. This way you save time when getting from one attraction to another.

Public transport

The Vienna City Card allows you free public transport in Vienna city centre: buses, trams and underground trains. As some of Vienna’s sights are quite far apart from each other, the Vienna City Card is very useful to have. Public transport in Vienna is well-organized so that you travel quickly and in comfort from one attraction to the other. Only the red Vienna Card includes free public transport.

Hop-on-hop-off bus tour

The white Vienna City Card allows unlimited use of the hop-on hop-off bus tour. The route leads past the most important sights in the centre of Vienna. During this tour you will see many Vienna highlights. Get of if you want to visit a museum or see an attraction in detail, then hop on again to continue the tour.

Free travel for children

The red Vienna City Card allows children up to the age of 15 and accompanied by an adult to travel free, the white city children up to 16 travel are free.

Free city walk with the White Vienna City Card

The white city card not only includes a free hop-on hop-off bus tour but also a city walk with a guide. This is a unique opportunity to see some of the highlights of Vienna hassle-free.

Travel guidebook

Your city trip to Vienna becomes even more interesting with the free travel guidebook which is included in your Vienna City Card. This guidebook gives more information about the various sights, museums and attractions in Vienna


It goes without saying that you want to see many sights and attractions in Vienna during your city trip. Show you card at the entrance and you will get a discount. Both the white and red Vienna Card allow discounts on the entrance fee of more han 210 different attractions. Most of these are easily accessible for wheelchair users and disabled people.

Highlights of Vienna City

Vienna is a historical and cultural city which is reflected in the many museums, monuments and palaces which you find in the city. There are so many that during your city trip to Vienna you have hardly time to visit them all! Schloss (Palace) Schönbrunn and nearby Schönbrunn Zoo should be on top of your what-to-see list. The zoo is the oldest in the world! The Palace is steeped in culture and the zoo is the perfect outing for children.

Hofburg Palace, the Albertina Museum and the Austrian Folklore museum are worth a visit. If you have soaked up enough culture, visit Madame Tussauds and see historical and still living celebrities made of wax.

What to see and do in Vienna: